Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back up and restore mini2440

Sometimes you want to save your whole system for reserving like ghost image of windowXP. Whenever the system on mini2440 is ruin, you simply restore it and run again. This way is easier to load the system again instead of installing. In addition, it will save the program that you put in the system.

Make file backup of mini2440
Toggle S2 into NOR side
Connect USB, comport from board to PC, open DNW tool and Hyper Terminal
In Hyper Terminal, press 'u' key to make file back up. After that, click on DNW: USB Port> Backup NAND Flash to File, write the name file and wait (about 8 minutes)

File back up is created with the size around 264Mb.

Restore system into mini2440
On Hyper Terminal, press 'r' key, then change to DNW, choose USB Port> Transmit/Restore, find the backup file. It takes around 8 minutes to restore system.


  1. Hey, this is exactly what I need, but for Tiny6410 board.

    Do you know how to do it on this board?

    fernando - at - sinteck - dot- com

  2. nope, friend. I think the manual of Tiny6410 will provide you the way to install it. Good luck

  3. Yes I also need this type of procedure. but I want detailed procedure on Linux platform.